today these two kids in my math class were hitting each other with pencils and my teacher glared at them and said “could you try to be a little more mature?”

one of them screamed “TAXES” and punched the other kid in the face

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*quietly mumbles* some feminists aren’t asswads 

*stares at ground* I don’t think cis people are horrible

*covers head with arms* men aren’t horrible either

*hugs a puppy* white people aren’t horrible either

*hides under a blanket* groups aren’t asswads, individuals are asswads

*curls into fetal position* i just want everyone to love each other

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Diet Mtn Dew (Uncensored Demo)

Lana Del Rey

Born To Die


The uncensored version of Diet Mtn Dew (in my opinion the best version of this song).

(…) Hit me my darling tonight
I don’t know why but I like it
Gotta get back to the wild
Give it up give it up
Live it up live it up (…)

(…) Hurt me and tell me you’re mine
I don’t know why but I like it
Scare me my God you’re divine
Gimme them gimme them
Dope and diamonds (…)

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a joke: two queer women walk into a bar. they end up talking all night, exchange numbers, and agree to see each other again. they hang out more and more and eventually end up having a healthy and loving relationship with each other, one with three cats and a dog and frequent trips to theme parks and cuddling while yelling at the social network together. wait, did i say joke? I meant to say: what i want to be represented on popular media but society treats it like a joke, my bad.

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